Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses now or if you ever wanted them, our contact lens services are available.

Dr. Steinberger specializes in fitting "Hard to Fit" or "My doctor told me I could not wear contact lenses" patients. People of all ages and life styles can now wear contact lenses.

Post refractive surgery contact lens therapy is available. Clear vision is possible with contacts if further correction is needed. We have the latest in Bi-focal contact lens technology in stock and appointments available to the fitting of Bi-focal contacts. Our office is stocked with an extensive contact lens inventory. Disposable, planned replacement, daily and extended wear, toric (for astigmatism), oxygen gas permeable (semi-soft, breathable), hard lenses, lenses that change the color of your eyes and bifocal contacts are all available. We have the best selection in stock, ready to be dispensed in Westlake Village.

Other contact lens services include, first time wearing instruction, replacement lenses, contact lens polishing, hard to find contact lens accessories.     (800) 983-4933

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