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Protecting your eyes is very important. Recent research has found that the sun can damage the sensitive structures of your eye, the cornea, ocular lens and retina.

Ultraviolet protective lenses (UV Protection or UV-400) keeps the UV rays from the sun from reaching your eyes. UV rays are the cause of sunburn and damage to the sensitive structures of the eye. UV light has been found to cause advanced aging of the eyes and the skin around the eyes. UV protection is the largest concern and is provided in all our sunglass styles.

Polarized lenses, Transitions lenses, tints and UV protective lenses provide the best eye protection and comfort in all light conditions. People who spend time outdoors and those who are light sensitive, should wear sunglasses every time they go outdoors. If you wear contact lenses or have had Laser Vision Correction, you also need to protect your eyes at all times. In addition, there are several medications that when taken, produce light sensitivity, and sunglasses need to be worn when outside.     (800) 983-4933

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